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How professional services firms use Twitter
April 27, 2010 Digital
how professional services use twitter 2The media has been abuzz about the Twitter phenomenon, especially after it announced its plans to monetize its platform.  Just last week, CNBC did a story on the announcement and talked about some ways in which large companies use Twitter. Its website gives some interesting (but unfortunately old) examples of consumer brands using Twitter for customer service, direct marketing,  customer engagement, and the like.

Unfortunately, B2B brands were missing from CNBC’s list of examples. Are professional services firms going to catch up?

We decided to take a look at how B2B firms use Twitter, by picking a small sample group and conducting a quick comparison online. Do they tweet as a corporate brand or as individual people representing the corporate brand? Do they have separate Twitter accounts for their thought leadership? Do they have dedicated Twitter accounts for different industry groups or for recruitment? Here are the results (see chart).

We predict that once Twitter has been accepted as ‘mainstream’ channel, you will see:

How professional services firms use Twitter

  1. Professional service firms setting aside budgets for Promoted Tweets
  2. More Twitter business profiles that will be segmented by target customer groups
  3. More abbreviations and terminology being used within the Twitter community
  4. Twitter users that make implicit agreements to cross-promote their tweets
  5. Business personalities that will gain a large fan base, who would otherwise not be highly visible in mainstream media

There is lots of chatter online about how B2B companies can use Twitter. Here are some sites that provide incisive and helpful guides for corporate Twitter beginners.

  • Chris Brogan’s blog on  “50 Ideas on Using Twitter for Business”
  • Chris Quinn’s article on “Use Twitter to Increase B2B Sales”
  • Kipp Bodnar’s article on “Google Will Force All B2B Companies to Tweet”
  • Meryl K Evans’s article on “62 Ways to Use Twitter for Business”

It seems tweeting is no longer an option for professional services firms.

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